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Click image for larger view and more pics

HMS Victory

Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory by DeAgostini
1:82 wooden scale model.

Model Space Website

Enterprise D

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation by Eaglemoss.
27.5-inch die-cast metal kit.

Eaglemoss Website

Supermarine Spitfire from DeAgostini ModelSpace

This is a wood substructure with real alluring siding.

Spindrift from Land of the Giants

24” 3-D printed resin kit
Jon Foster – Artist
All resin interior kit by Randy Cooper
Lighting by VoodooFX / Randy Nuebert

Proteus Submarine from Fantastic Voyage

1:32 scale all plastic assembly kit
Moebius Models

Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars

Zveda Model 9057 + Backlight kit in Box
1:2700 scale plastic model kit


1:200 scale with LED lights

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB-5 from Goldfinger

Eagle Moss
1:8 scale replica


Click image for larger view and more pics

Voyager’s Delta Flyer by Cozmic Scale Models.
1:72 scale 3-D resin model kit.

Cozmic Website

1:72 scale model of the Kaiser’s famous u-boat.

Das Werk Website

Doctor Who’s DAVROS from kit manufacturer SEVANS – out of production for over 20 years! This 1/5th scale styrene and Vacuformed model will need a lot of “love” to bring it to life!


EVA pod from 2001 A Space Odyssey from Moebius Model.

1/8th scale aftermarket accessories include – Photoetch detail set from ParaGrafix; Acrylic light support kit from YayMonsters; Masking set from Aztek Dummy and a lighting kit from VoodooFX.


Mk3 Movie Dalak from the 1966 film “Doctor Who and the Daleks” starring Peter Cushing.

1:8 scale vintage plastic injection kit by Comet Miniatures.
Daleks created by Terry Nation.

K-Spinner from Blade Runner 2049

All resin large scale kit
Randy Cooper – Artist

Millennium Falcon

Bandai Star Wars Perfect Grade
1:72 scale model kit

M.L.E.V. – 5

Randy Cooper’s M.L.E.V. – 5
Mars Lander Explorer Vehicle (Mars Hopper)
1:32 scale model kit
Pegasus Hobbies

Beneath the Planet of the Apes Icarus II

24” Scratch Built Crash Diorama
Randy Cooper – Artist
No longer in production.


Museum quality replica of Captain Nemo’s submarine from Disney’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”
All resin 1:77 scale model kit
Bob Martin – Artist


Philip Segal

Philip Segal launched sprueVerse in April of 2020 on Instagram and YouTube as a way to connect to his hobby of scale model building, a passion he has had for 50 years.  A google search would tell you Philip  served as the CEO and Executive Producer of Original Productions (OP), a post he held from November 2012 until June 2017.  He joined the company as President and Executive Producer in 2012.  As CEO, Segal merged a comprehensive and acclaimed career of achievements in creating, writing, directing and producing highly recognized projects for television. He is Executive Producer of the Emmy winning Discovery Channel Series Deadliest Catch as well as many other fan favorites including, Bering Sea Gold (Discovery), Ice Road Truckers (History) and Storage Wars (A&E). Original Productions produces an average of 250 hours of content per year.

Segal was Executive Vice President of Amblin Television at Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. He was responsible for the creation of NBC’s SeaQuest DSV starring Roy Scheider and Earth 2. Additionally, Segal oversaw production of the Stephen Hawking Documentary A Brief History of Time, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival, The Civil War Drama Class of 61, Harry and the Henderson’s and the highly acclaimed adaptation of Judy Blume’s Fudge. During his 6 years at Amblin, Segal also developed and worked on the creation of ER on NBC which was a co-production of Amblin and Warner Bros.

A long-time fan of the BBC’s popular science fiction series Doctor Who, Segal Executive Produced the Doctor’s eighth regeneration in 1996. In 2000 he authored a book about the production, titled Doctor Who: Regeneration.

Born in the United Kingdom, Segal was raised in Southern California and is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Telecommunications. In 2015, he was named in the top 20 of Reality TV’s Most Powerful Executives by The Hollywood Reporter.


Welcome! I can’t begin to explain how much joy the creation of this website gives me.  I love the world of scale models, a hobby I have enjoyed for forty years. More to the point, this website is about the world of plastic kits, resin kits and cross-overs, modeling them, painting them and lighting them. There is one caveat. This is my world so there are certain biases towards fantasy and sci-fi as well as deliberate exclusions simply because I don’t love every genre offered in the modeling world so I simply choose to ignore them – sorry.

I do have a very curious mind so I love to explore and check out everything and sometimes, I will go off the reservation and try to build things I don’t really get – examples of that are the occasional plane and WWII diorama.

It is here we also celebrate the incredible artistry from model builAders I have discovered on Youtube – some of which have become my friends, some inspired me to create my own Youtube channel – sprueVerse – I’m a big believer in promoting the channels I love to watch.  No exposes here simply respect!

If I find something cool relating to our hobby you will definitely find it here.  Tips, tricks, tools, paint, glue, lighting, after-market parts and suppliers.

I sincerely hope you have as much fun exploring the website as we have building it. It is a work in progress so please excuse the dust!

Have fun, be well and most importantly, BUILD SOMETHING!


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