Trying to keep up with the latest news on what’s being released is a huge challenge for retailers so imagine how tough it is for us! I’ve found that there are several key places to go for the latest news on your favorite genre as well as expected release dates.

SCI FI – – this online store is a really great place to shop for genre kits and supplies – it’s the “latest news” page that is really thorough – latest releases and what’s coming are all here with expected dates. The information is current and is updated often.  Check them out!

MILITARY – – a great selection of aircraft and tanks WWI to the cold war and everything in between. Check out the new arrivals section for the latest news. Great customer service and new kits are announced every few weeks or so.

MILITARY –  – This once brick and mortar store from San Diego, moved to Phoenix, AZ and took off like apple stock in the 90’s – Andy has his own Youtube channel and shows off the latest arrivals all the time – he also happens to be a great modeler so his builds are worth checking out.  If you want up to date info on new arrivals in the military genre, Andy’s your man.

SPECIALTY – – If you haven’t built a Bandai kit, it’s a definite must – the engineering on these kits is second to none and the detail beyond compare for plastic kits. This site isn’t very robust but they will give you actual release dates of new kits – click on the “news” tab.

VEHICLES  – – If you love muscle cars, working 18 wheelers, farm equipment or exotics – this is where you’ll find a great selection and they seem to be very customer friendly – I’ve bought supplies here to see how they handled a small order and they were great and shipped fast.

BRICKS AND MORTAR GOES ONLINE – – This one is purely because I just LOVE these guys – if you live in Southern California, make a pilgrimage to one of the last great hobby stores left in the country. You will not be disappointed – if you shop online, most orders are filled the same day!

LIGHTING – These are great places to go for all of your lighting needs…