sprueVerse – stardate 11.11.2020

People of Earth…Welcome!

This is my first blog for sprueVerse.com. It’s been quite a while for this website to launch as I took a fair bit of time formulated a plan for what I wanted the site to be. I’ve spent the last 50 years building scale stuff off and on.  Like most of you, my hobby was mothballed for life at various times but I’m back with a vengeance having so many models now collected in the stash I’m building at a frenzied pace!  Over time, this blog will be a diary of my builds, collection and all the stuff that’s going on in my hobby shop and on my bench. As I’m slowing down my life and producing far less TV projects these days, I intend on spending my formidable years improving my hobby skills and sharing my passion for the hobby with you.  In turn, I hope all of you will share your thoughts with me by emailing me at sprueverse@gmail.com – I honestly look forward to hearing from all of you about any topic related to our hobby.  I will not be answering any questions here about my life as a producer so please don’t ask!

I posted this picture of the M.L.E.V 5 HOPPER from PEGASUS MODELS for several reasons. First, it introduced me to the world of Randy Cooper – an extremely talented professional model builder who also makes and builds his own models, some of which are available for purchase on his website – randycoopermodelsdesign.squarespace.com – there you are treated to a feast of amazing stuff mostly if not all created from resin cast molds.  I’ve now built his SPINNER from Blade Runner 2049 and just ordered his original creation PHEONIX, a spaceship which has a very sleek aircraft type design.  Additionally, he has built and designed an interior for the 24” 3D Printed SPINDRIFT from LAND OF THE GIANTS a 60’s TV series I will opine about here sometime.

Second, the Pegasus Mars Hopper is a really challenging but fun build in a large scale that suits my large hands. Amazing details but to supersize the detail you can pick up a PE (photoetch) upgrade from PARAGRAPHIX.  GREAT FUN!!!!

I always photograph my models in progress and post them to my Instagram account – follow me there – sprueverse.  Please also consider subscribing to my Youtube account – sprueverse.

Thanks for checking in! Build something!