sprueVerse – stardate 12.29.2020

As I write this final journal entry of 2020, the UPS delivery truck has just arrived with my second to last Build The X-Wing pack from DeAgostini/Model-Space – not the most spectacular of builds considering all the fit and electrical issues which I’ve covered in several of my recent YouTube shows – shameless plug here – if you are not a subscriber to my channel – please check out the channel and do the right thing for your soul and my ego and click on that “subscribe” button.  I’ve just opened the box and no sign of anything remotely close to a stand or display device?  More on this in the new year I suspect.

I was checking out the latest video posts from some of my subscribed to channels on YouTube one in particular, andyshobbyhq – you should definitely have Andy’s channel in your subscribed to list – he’s an avid modeler who also owns his own brick and mortar store in Phoenix, AZ – he will regularly post build shows and updates about new releases, the latest tools, paints and glue as well updates on conventions and other news about our hobby – he happened to mention recently that there might be a shortage of Tamiya paint in the near future due to some supply issues – though he didn’t have a lot of detail it did prompt me to take a quick visit today to my local hobby shop – BURBANK HOUSE OF HOBBIES – love, love this modeling mecca! The owner, Glenn, was in the store and I asked him if he’d heard of a supply shortage for Tamiya paint – he had not – but one of his trusty sales guys did mention he’d heard about a massive container ship heading from Japan to the US that lost its cargo in heavy seas – could hundreds of tiny paint bottles be lying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean?  The point is, stock up on thinner and paint if your running low!

Finally, a few words about what is left on the bench – I’m knee deep into my 1/200 Titanic from Trumpeter – huge kit that has threatened to sap my mojo so I’ve benched it for a little while. I did put out a video showing where I am in the build but that’s about it for this kit for a while, I’m afraid. Then there is my newest offering from DeAgostini – Build the Supermarine Spitfire – I started a build series for this model as I was really enjoying the build – all wood frame construction with an exterior finish all in aluminum sheets – the build was going gangbusters and was totally in the zone when…parts were discovered missing by yours truly. I did inventory the kit when it arrived but obviously missed pack 27 from Stage 6 – I’ve requested a replacement but I’m told it will not be here until March…so that avenue of pleasure has now been cut off.  I’m also close to a final reveal show for my 24” Spindrift – a brilliant 3D printed resin kit with a Randy Cooper interior (available at his website) as well as a lighting kit from Randy Neubert at Voodoofx – the whole thing has finally come together after some yelling, cussing and crying due to some very tricky fit issues – I have this weird fetish for garage resin kits and have gotten quite used to the guess work and outside the box modeling skills needed to finish these kits but the end result is usually worth the pain. Why Randy can’t print out some basic instructions and send them along with the kit is beyond me but there you go!  I still love his work and his creativity – my last Randy Cooper build for a while will be his Phoenix space ship – just fell in love with the detail and design – I will build that and light it in the new year. I’ve just started the Eaglemoss DeLorean from Back to the Future – and have ordered the Enterprise D which we should start seeing in March of 2021 – finally, there is my Aston Martin DB 5 from Eaglemoss which is in the early stages of construction – it is going to be a beauty although I’m seeing from the Build the DB5 Facebook group that there are several misprints and construction issues due to Eaglemoss making mistakes in the build guides – I’m so thankful for the great work the group does to alert everyone – it’s classic that the company doesn’t care enough to acknowledge the mistakes and make sure they are rectified – instead, the rely on the build groups to put the word out, obviously much cheaper.  Oh well…

I’m very excited about 2021 – I have a special build scheduled for the first quarter which I’m collaborating on with Wayne Green of World of Wayne – if you don’t know him or his YouTube channel check him out – you will love his builds and his channel.  I’m also planning several more build series videos that guide you through construction of the kits I’m working on along with other content about products, tools and great finds…lot’s happening on the channel so please check it out.

Be well, be safe…BUILD SOMETHING and I’ll see you all very soon.